Heavy Duty Commercial Folding Chairs

  • 18-gauge 3/4″ tubular steel frame construction
  • Molded seat and back
  • Zinc-plated steel rivets
  • Double riveted U-brace
  • Powder Coat Finish

More About This Product

Our model 1000 is stamped with a suggested max load of 220 lbs. This is a safe constant weight load to be used in this chair. That being said, we usually tell our customers that 275-300 lbs is about all you want to see in this type of chair. It doesn’t matter who makes it, 300 lbs is going to be max for any manufacturer (be very cautious of higher claims). However, there is no accurate way to put a specific weight rating on this type of chair because there is no way to know how a specific person is going to sit in the chair on any type of surface. The weight load rating changes depending on the type of surface, how a person leans and rocks in the chair, etc. This is a commercial grade folding chair built for commercial applications and rigorous use by rental companies, universities, government agencies, etc. The chair uses an 18 ga. steel powder coat frame, which is thicker than most manufacturers who use a 20 ga. frame. If you have any other questions, please let us know.