Fabulous 5 in 1

Everyone enjoys a party, and this unit offers all kinds of playful fun for up to 6 patrons. Our Wacky Themed 5-in-1 has a colorful look and a big optional digital panel area! When used without a panel, this playful combo unit offers unparalleled visibility! Get Stylized Theme Panels for your Wacky 5-in-1 SuperLite™ Combo!

5-in-One SuperLites™ feature a huge bouncing area, a crawl-through, a climbing obstacle, exterior slide, an interior and exterior basketball hoop, and an Entanglement™ game mat sewn onto the bouncing surface!

5 in 1 in Backyard
5 in 1 Slide
5 in 1 Interior

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Fabulous 5 in 1 Size